Lightworkers, Leaders, Activists & Friends: I'm Rebooting My Biz.

It's time for me to reshape the way I interact with society and take a more powerful stance for human & environmental rights, justice and peace. I invite you to follow along as I journey into a challenging question:

How Can I Be More... 

Counsciously Courageous

Join me as we activate our leadership into a new paradigm.

Privacy Policy: I promise to always keep your intformation safe and private.


Through the remainder of 2017 I'll be creating a new website and programs to match my mission. My intention is to bring forward a deeper awareness of the problems in our current culture and to explore how we, as leaders, caretakers, lightworkers and entrepreneurs, can actively be part of the solution. 

"Be The Change" NEEDS A WAKE-UP CALL. 

I'm tired of seeing the same pseudo-actions and hearing the same nice words about the need to create shifts in ourselves and our communities. Rarely do I see what are known as conscious communities take the necessary uncomfortable steps into new territories to explore where real change is needed to save lives and create harmony on the planet.  

We must do this Intentionally, Powerfully, Consciously, Courageously 

... and NOW.

It won't be easy, but we'll know in our hearts that we followed our truth.

Are you ready to own your evolution as a leader, change-maker, creative activist and bringer of light?


  • Emails from me, sharing fresh perspectives about creating your life and business from an inclusive and modern-feminist model - truly empowering you, your community and our global village. I believe in empowerment from the perspective of uplifting ALL people, not just the individual. 

(I do NOT claim perfection in this realm, only a willingness to share what I learn along my journey and to facilitate conversations that will help others find their way to the next level of their own awareness.)  

  • RAW, unfiltered deep dive explorative conversations about our current society. We'll discuss how you, your family, your business and your choices can help remove patriarchical models, break down systemic racism, enable group empowerment and support creative activism.

  • Access to free resources and events I'll be producing surrounding the above topics, with help from my vast and varied community of stellar humans. Plus, you'll learn how to implement these through immediate action in your life, family, community and business. 

  • Announcements of upcoming programs and courses I'm creating to take your evolution to the next stage. Scholarships will be available to participants in non-profit organizations, educators and those who desire to participate in paid events but who have limited funds.

  • You'll have a voyeuristic view into my own process of growing into a more evolved human. I'm on the path and learning along the way too!  

(Warning: My steps will probably not be graceful most of the time, but they'll always be honest.)

  • I'll share insights into how you can walk this journey by my side and take a more powerful and courageous stance in how you live your life and present your business as a caretaker, lightworker, change-maker and leader in a new paradigm.

  • Beautiful and thought-provoking imagery are my favorite ways to express ideas. My intention is to share visual perspectives that will challenge your world view and cause you to think. On that note, I'm now accepting art submissions.  

(Artists will always receive proper credit plus monetary and/or energetic exchanges for permission to use your artwork.)

You'll also get lots of love from me... I'm all about the love!

Join Me. It's Free (and I'll be sprinkling in snippets of fun too).  

See You Soon!